LEVA E-Bike Technician Training & Certification

Instructions for On-Line Level 2-4 LEVA Technician Training.

The training has been developed for LEVA by Dr. Don Gerhardt and various LEVA members and E-Bike manufacturers. The training is based on training developed on battery systems and electric vehicles for universities and community colleges by Dr. Gerhardt. Read Dr. Gerhardt’s bio.

Course Objectives:

  • Equip students with the knowledge
    and skills to be able to prevent,
    diagnose, and repair most ebike
  • Equip students with the knowledge
    and vocabulary to report
    accurately on ebike problems to
    the distributors, brands, and
    component makers.
  • Equip students with the knowledge
    to explain ebike problems, and
    functions, with consumers.
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LEVA's Online E-Bikes Technician Training

If you want a certificate to be issued that indicates that LEVA believes you have learned the
material, (And starting in late summer 2019), we will be issuing a sticker that you can put in your
shop window that indicates a LEVA Technician works here) then here are the steps.


  1. LEVEL One first. ON line completion of the LEVA Level One presentation, passing the test, and receiving the certificate. ($50.00 Fee).

    You can request a test by emailing info@levassociation.com, and the fee can be paid to paypal@levassociation.com
    Ask for the test, pay the fee, and once the test is marked and graded by us, we will send
    passing students a certificate by email that you can print and display.

  2. Then LEVEL 2-4

    This requires a combination of viewing the presentation, passing a written test, and passing a practical test.
    The practical test works like this:

    2a) Pay the fee, and we ship to you the exercise kits and instructions you need to complete the exercises. These consist of skills such as soldering, crimping connectors, using a multimeter, molex connectors, and more.

    2b) Complete the exercises and arrange to show the examiner your results and discuss the material via face time, skype, or other video call.
    Once the examiner believes you have mastered the tasks and materials, we will issue a certificate.

    Shipping of the exercise kits is free in the continental USA, but additional cost may be incurred for international shipments. And … yes, you must use our kits.

    Tools:  For the Level 2-4, you will need:

    Wire cutters,
    Wire strippers
    Soldering Iron and solder
    Anderson crimping tool
    Molex crimping tool (These tools can be bought from LEVA or rented in some cases)
    Multi meter ( We suggest the Fluke 101)
    Access to computer and digital camera on phone or computer.

    Fees: 267.00 USD

    Steps TO BECOME a LEVA CERTIFIED Technician

    A) Pay the fee and we will ship to you the needed exercise kits for the soldering, crimping, connector, magnet and motor exercises. Dr. Gerhardt’s manual is also included, and will be shipped on a USB with the exercise kits.

    B) Access the on line PPT for LEVELS 2-4. There is no charge for this and all are welcome to use it.

    C) Perform the various exercises that are detailed in the exercise kit instructions, and then photograph the results and submit them, with the completed tests (found on line) to Ed Benjamin. In many cases , a oral review will be required via SKYPE or FaceTime.

    D) Once all the exercises and tests have been satisfactory completed and marked, a certificate will be sent, as well as a sticker that attests the presence of a LEVA trained technician in the shop.

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