E-Bike Training Facilities

The Light Electrical Vehicle Association (LEVA) E-Bike Training and Certification Course has been taught at more than 10 locations since 2012. The course consists of both lectures and a hands-on workshop. This appendix describes examples of facilities used for the training. Facilities at the following locations are described.

  • Danville VA Community College – Regional Center for Advanced Technology and
    Training (DCC-RCATT)
  • Appalachian State University ASU Boone NC
  • Gerhardt Cycles Winston-Salem NC
  • India Research and Development Center for Bicycle and Sewing Machine (RDCBSM)

Facility Recommendations

The ideal teaching facility has a lecture area and a hands-on workshop in the same room. A safe area to ride E-bikes should be close by. The following features should be provided.

  • Projection system or large screen video display for slide and video presentations
  • Sound system for video presentations
  • Dimmable light system
  • White board and markers
  • Connection to the internet
  • Tables and chairs for students
  • Table name signs for students
  • Tables for display of E-Bike parts
  • Table for refreshments
  • Work stations for hands-on soldering, wiring connector crimping and applying heat
  • Table or work station for battery test equipment and charging
  • Table or work station for diagnostic equipment
  • E-Bikes
  • E-Bike stand
  • E-Bike tools
  • Laptop computer for battery testing and E-Bike diagnostics
  • Safety glasses
  • Bike helmets


The training consists of approximately 50% classroom sessions and 50% hands-on training. The Electric Bike Maintenance Manual (EBMM) ISBN 978-0-9905228-0-5 written by Dr. Don J. Gerhardt is the textbook for the course. It is provided to each student on a USB drive. The EBMM contains over 1000 pages. It also contains instructional videos. The EBMM contains a list of tools required for the training. The current LEVA training and certification course consists of 4 levels. The following topics are covered.

Electric Bike Maintenance Manual – Contents

Appendix Index
1. Introduction
2. Electric Bicycles
3. Electric Scooters
4. Electric Motorcycles
5. Light and Special Electric Vehicles
6. Tools and Test Equipment for Light Electric Vehicles
7. Electric Theory and Components
8. Electric Bicycle Set Up
9. Diagnostics
10. Connectors
11. Throttles
12. Brake Switches
13. Crank and Torque Sensors
14. Motor Controllers
15. Electric Motors
16. Batteries and Battery Management Systems
17. Battery Chargers
18. Displays
19. Data Recorders and Analyzers
Glossary of Terms

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