Dr. David T. Hon

Founder and CEO of Dahon Group-U.S.A

Dr. Hon is a Chinese American and originally worked as a Sr. Physicist at Hughes Aircraft in California. He was a leading expert in solid-state laser technology and his publications, including a chapter of the “Handbook of Lasers”, are still widely quoted (Google: Laser, “D.T. Hon”). In 1982, after seeking ways to reduce Man’s dependence on oil, he designed the first Dahon folding bike. He quit his job with the Military-Industrial Complex, gathered $3 million dollars in venture funding, relocated to Taiwan and started to design, manufacture and market worldwide his inventions. Today, four million bicycles later, Dahon folders can be found all over the world (Google: Bicycles Dahon). Dr. Hon is also the Director of Southern China American Chamber of Commerce, among other professional and non-profit activities. Ph.D., Physics, University of Southern California.

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