Greetings to all LEVA members….

LEVA has, for the last few years, been busy with technician training, networking, our newsletter, and studying the industry.

During that time the market for eBikes has grown, world wide, but it has also become more complicated and more challenging. Our members have enjoyed some advantages, and we are pleased to see so many of them enjoying success.

We have not had any staff until recently. But now we have Martin Massuh working to manage our social media, keep in touch with members, and improve our website. So some costs that did not exist before.  During the time that we had little overhead, I did not ask for membership dues. (We did have some sponsors that helped – Thank you for that!)

Now we have a new website, more training opportunities, new on line training offerings, and staff. Check us out at, our sister organization LEVA-EU has been working hard to help the industry and market in the EU and they provide correct information and help fo the EU market. (LEVA-EU has a separate membership structure, but membership in either provides some benefits in both.)

I am asking you, and all of our members, to renew your membership with annual dues:

Company Dues: $350.00
Individual / student: $40.00

These can be paid at, or if you send me an email, I will issue an invoice and bank transfer details.

As an incentive, we are offering some new services:

New, or renewing members: Send us your press release or company introduction and we will post it to FB, our website, and run it in the newsletter.

New or renewing members: Send requests for introductions to  I will send an email to the managers / bosses of any member company, asking for the two companies to connect, have a dialogue.

No guarantees, but I think most LEVA members will respond.

With this funding, we will be adding a resource section to the website, which will post information on markets, regulations, tariffs, trends, companies, and more.

Additionally, we will attempt to answer or direct you to the answer to questions on regulations, market size, tariffs.(One question via email per month for members, please…we have a lot of members and a lot of such inquiry)

Chinese companies are welcome!

15 Years ago, we were told by some Chinese companies  to limit Chinese members, and this has limited the opportunity of networking for Chinese Component makers, assemblers and their sales people. That is now history, and we welcome members both individual and company from all of Asia, India, and the world.

Thanks you all!

Edward Benjamin 
Chairman, LEVA